What is Spiritual?

One: it is to recognize the nature of that to which we refer to when we say “I am”. In other words to recognize the nature of that which in the Christian tradition is referred to as Spirit.

And two: communicate, share, express and celebrate that in one’s life.
That’s what I consider to be a spiritual life.

Rupert Spira
Audio Source: Youtube 23:27

“Spirituality is not something to be explained or interpreted. It is an experience. In fact, to really know what spirituality is, all interpretations and explanations should end. One should be very receptive. There should not be any inner talking or any judgment. All interpretations belong to the head. All interpretations are borrowed ideas or ideas woven out of some other ideas. They are all repetitions. Spirituality can be experienced only in stillness and silence. It is the dropping of all information gathered from the outer world.”

~ Amma <3

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